Morris Diary

Date Event Ripon City Morris Dancers Betty Lupton's Ladle Laikers Flag & Bone Gang Highside Longsword Wakeman Mummers Knaresborough Mummers Pateley Longsword 
5-6 May Todmorden F.F.     Yes        
11-13 May Holmfirth Folk Festival             Yes
14th May Evening dance - Masham Yes            
19th May Day of Dance, Harrogate area Yes TBC     Yes  
20th May Richmond             Yes
30th May Evening dance out   TBC          
2nd June Ossett Beer Cart Yes          
13th June Evening dance out   TBC          
9-10 June Gate to Southwell             Yes
11th June Evening dance - West Tanfield Yes            
13th June Evening dance - TBC   TBC          
17th June Evening dance - Harrogate     TBC        
23rd June Abbey tour Yes            
27th June Evening dance out TBC TBC          
7th July Day of Dance, Ripon Yes Yes  TBC        
8th July Skipton, Flagcrackers day of dance           Yes
9th July Evening dance, Sun Inn, Colton Yes            
13-15 July Furness Tradition, Ulverston Yes Yes          
21-22 July White Rose bithday party             Yes
23rd July Evening dance Yes            
28-29 July Warwick F.F.     Yes        
4th Aug St. Wilfrid's Parade Yes Yes          
3-10 Aug Sidmouth F.F.     Yes        
24-27 Aug Shrewsbury F.F.     Yes        
8-9 Sept York Festival of Traditional Dance Yes            
30th Sept Masham Sheep Fair Yes            

Morris Dancing in the Ripon & Harrogate District