The ladies morris dance team, Betty Lupton's Ladle Laikers, was formed in 1977 - the year of the Queen's silver jubilee. The kit of the dancers reflects the national colours; red tights, white smocks and blue dresses with black shoes and bell pads. The team took its name from a local character from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, who was responsible for ladling out the medicinal spa waters to the visitors to the town during the 19th century. She was based at the pump room, now a museum, where you can still sample the waters and see a model of Betty Lupton.

Beginners/taster session, Wednesday 20th September, St. John's Church Hall, Bilton HG1 3DT. 8pm, all welcome.

Morris Diary- see where we are performing and other teams in the area.


Claire's pictures of some 2008 & 2009 danceouts

Pictures of Evesham 2009

Pictures of Saint Wilfrid's Procession 2009

The Dances We perform a wide range of English dances inspired by various morris traditions. Some of our dances come from the north west of England, the Cheshire and the Lancashire Plain. These usually take the name of the town of their origin. So, we have dances called, Failsworth, Lostock and Abram. Also included in the repertoire are some new dances written by the team based on traditional figures and style. These have generally been given local names, hence Hookstone Hey and Skipton Road. We use a variety of "implements" to accompany the different dances; short decorated sticks, hankies, garlands and shakers. One of our dances, Mona's Delight is quite different in style; it originates from The Isle of Man. Heather, Sue & Maggie

Heather, Sue & Maggie
Claire's first outing

Anne's first outing

Each year we nominate a specific charity to support and donate a proportion of our funds. Charities previously supported include:- The Carers Resource, Roundabout (Talking Newspaper), Macmillan Fund, St. Michael's Hospice, Cystic Fibrosis, World Wildlife Fund, Cancer Research, British Diabetic Assn., Goodrick Appeal, Martin House Hospice. At Christmas we dance in Harrogate Market Square, to entertain the Christmas shoppers and support the Save the Children Fund.

  The picture on the right is Sue and Su on their first outing 8/6/11   Sue & Su

The Music The band is made up of a variety of instruments to give a loud and colourful sound, especially important for outdoor entertainment. Each tune set is carefully selected to complement the dance.

Anna Wedding
Sue & John's wedding, 12th May 2007

The painting on the left was especially created for Betty's 25th anniversary by Anna Horsey. Every member of the team was presented with a copy.
 Janet & Andy (65)

Pictures of our Weekend of Dance 2007

Pictures of Saint Wilfrid's Procession 2007

In 1992, 1995 and 1999 we attended the Fete des Fleurs in Luchon. Pictures. This is Harrogate's twin town situated in the Pyrenees in the south of France. The festivities finished with a grand parade through the town with many flower covered floats, bands and dancers. Harrogate and Luchon were twinned in 1953, their similarity being that both towns flourished because of their spa facilities. Luchon offers a variety of medicinal cures, bathing and a recently opened water bottling plant. Although Harrogate no longer offers the range of treatments that were available at the turn of the century, we still have an excellent turkish bath and medicinal waters. It is now possible to buy bottled Harrogate Spring Water.

In 1998 we visited the North West Coast of America as guests of Vancouver Morris Men. Report and pictures

In 2003 we visited Transylvania. Pictures

Seafront at Sidmouth

In August 2000 we were on the arena stage in Sidmouth. This is a picture of us dancing Mona's Delight on Sidmouth sea front.

We are members of the Morris Federation, an organisation which coordinates and promotes Morris Dancing and together with Ripon City Morris Dancers we organised the Weekend of Dance and AGM in 2002. MF Logo

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the team, or telephone :-
Anita 01765 609522 email

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Christmas Dance Out for Save The Children, 16th December 2006

Xmas 2006   Xmas 2006
 Xmas 2006  Prescot
 Grove Park  The Band + Foot

Darlington Spring Thing, 17th March 2007